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Tile and Grout Cleaning

Have dirty floors and showers? We clean the tile and grout with our specialized cleaning equipment. This combination of emulsification, heat, high pressure and vacuum will remove the dirt build up, prepare the surface to accept sealant and restore the appearance.

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Tile, Grout and Caulking Repair

Cracked or missing grout, loose tile which are left unrepaired, and moldy, cracked caulking will shorten the life of your tile surfaces. It's especially critical in a wet shower environment, and can lead to water leaking into other areas of your home. Extend the life of your tile by contacting us today.

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Shower Rebuilds

Small amounts of water penetrating into the wall behind the shower tile can cause a lot of damage over time. Salt deposits on shower floors indicate that the pan is compromised. We can help! We install a completely sealed, totally waterproof wall board system behind/under the tile, which keeps water in its place.

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