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As beautiful as tile is, it seems after a year or two the floor is increasingly more difficult to keep clean. The tile looks dull and the grout is filthy. This happens even if you’re cleaning the surface often. Unfortunately, not all floors and showers are sealed after being installed, which is where the problem starts. Grout will absorb grease and dirt much more quickly if it is not sealed.

Traditional cleaning methods are not effective in removing the soil and giving your floor the new look you want. There is good news! Most tile and grout can be restored to nearly new conditions with the help of a professional cleaning company.


We clean with specialized cleaning equipment. The process combines emulsification, heat, high pressure water and vacuum which breaks up the dirt build up and removes it. We pre-wet the tile and grout with our alkaline detergent (not harmful to tile, natural stone or grout), heat the water to at least 180 degrees Fahrenheit, pressurize it to 500-3000psi and then vacuum off the dirt and water continuously, leaving your tile and grout much cleaner than traditional methods.


When used on grout or tiles, sealers close the pores of the grout to prevent penetration of soil into those pores. Sealer is liberally applied to the tile and grout surface, with any excess then wiped from the tile. We use a high quality water based sealer that won't change the appearance of your tile or grout. If you desire we can apply an "enhancer" to natural stone which will give it a "wet" look which really brings out the colors in the stone (especially slate).


After sealing it is important to maintain the floor using the right cleaning agents and tools. We recommend only using plant-derived, natural cleaners. These will help lengthen the life of your tile and grout. Once the surface is restored and sealed, we recommend a professional cleaning and resealing every 12-18 months. This will keep your floors and showers looking fresh and clean.


Give us a call today at (952) 935-2686 , or Click Here to request an Online Quote and we will gladly give you a FREE, absolutely no-obligation inspection and estimate on any problems you may be having. We look forward to hearing from you.

Thanks for the super job on the foyer, bathrooms, and kitchen. A very smooth and simple process. Also, thanks for the gift card. Michael - St. Louis Park, MN
First and foremost I want to say thank you for being on time and returning all my phone calls so promptly. The bathroom floor and shower look great. Nice job! Sally - Eden Prairie, MN
The bathrooms in the store look awesome. We are no longer embarrassed to have our clients use them for changing before sessions. Also, thanks for the great service. Ingrid - Minneapolis, MN
I just wanted to tell you that our floors look brand new. You were prompt, polite and thorough. I have and will continue to recommend Grout Professionals to all my family and friends. It has been a pleasure doing business with you. Paul - Chanhassen, MN

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