Professional Carpet Cleaning

Just like tiled surfaces, carpet represents a significant investment in our homes. In addition to the aesthetic improvement carpets make, did you know that they also function to filter contaminants from the air in your home? Much of the airborne dust, pollen, pollutants, mites, debris, along with other contaminants, will settle into and be held by the fibers of your carpets.

The good news is that these contaminants are no longer airborne. The bad news is that they're now in your carpet. Carpet cleaning thus not only improves the appearance of a room, but also is beneficial to your health in removing the contaminants that are trapped in your carpet.

Many homeowners are not aware that the carpet manufacturer's warranty requires them to have their new carpets cleaned professionally at specified regular intervals, otherwise the warranty is not valid. We use the hot water extraction method for cleaning (commonly called steam cleaning) to thoroughly clean your carpets. We take our time and use special cleaning tools to ensure that we leave no residue behind, and leave your carpets softer than ever

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