Routine Maintenance Program

We do routine maintenance on our cars and our furnaces to keep them in proper running order.  Why not our showers?

Small cracks in grout lines, missing grout, and loose caulking can all allow water to penetrate behind the tile and enter the structure of your wall.  Ignore this for a long-enough time, and what would be a simple, inexpensive repair can easily become a major shower rebuild project.

Sign up for our annual routine maintenance program for your shower now, and you’ll receive the following:
·  Our professional cleaning and sealing of all tile and grout in the bathroom.
·  Inspection of your tub/shower or walk-in shower for any small cracks, missing grout.
·  Removal and replacement of the caulking in a tub/shower or walk-in shower.

If we find any grout needing repair, we will provide you with a written bid for that repair work, and often can complete those repairs on the spot.  Your shower and bathroom will look its best, and you’ll have peace of mind knowing that you’ve taken the steps to keep your shower properly maintained.

Call our office today for more information and to sign up for this new service, or use our contact form on the website.

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